Siam Park City – Amusement and Water Park in Bangkok

bangkok amusement park
The castle entrance.

It’s been well over a decade since I’ve stepped foot at Siam Park City and today marks my return day! The weather wasn’t really on our side today with overcast skies throughout the day but hey, at least we didn’t have to worry about sweating ourselves in the heat. We were fortunate enough to go through our day without any rain where in the end it decided to give us a pouring welcome. Luckily our day was already at its end so it didn’t matter.

Siam Park’s Different Activities

Rockin' the viking!
Rockin’ the viking!

Siam Park is divided into 5 different zones: Water Park, X-Zone, Family World, Fantasy World, and Small World. Deciding to fearlessly try out some of the rides, we underestimated the adrenaline rush these rides can put on us despite their age. Take for example The Viking Ship, now this is so common that most of us have been on it as a child. All grown up now who would have knew it’ll be more frightening now than previously was when we were young and fearless compared to being old and fearful!

I found the Black Canyon!
I found the Black Canyon!

The amusement park itself is quite large in size. Walking in different zone makes you feel like you’re walking into another world, especially the one where it felt like being on an Indian Jones movie set. The attention to detail towards the architecture and plantations makes it a great caption for those selfie craze people!

Park history on the restaurant walls.

Love food? So do I! When heading towards amusement parks, I’m always thinking “Mmmm carnival food”. On the quest to find some great carni food, we were a little let down by the options available. Just your ordinary Thai street food you can find anywhere else, especially grilled meatballs. We opt to try out the restaurant called Log Flume Restaurant. Dining in here you are presented with many portraits along the walls that will also inform you of the Park’s history. Although being let down with the food options, we just decided to finish the day off at the Water Park zone.

Guinness World Records – The Biggest Artificial Sea in the World

Water Park Zone. Yeh, it's pretty big!
Water Park Zone. Yeah, it’s pretty big!

You know what… I like the water park more than the amusement park! I think my amusement park ride days are over. You really can tell that a lot of people who go to Siam Park go for the water park. The amount of people here exceeds the amount at the amusement park.

The cherry on top of the cake here is the World’s Largest Wave Pool. I dislike beaches because of the sand and salty water. Here you have the best of both worlds. No sand and salty water but with continuous wave currents. That I like!

Remember my disappointment on “carni food”? Well, disappointed no further as this is the zone to find it! Overall, the food is better here.

To conclude, Siam Park City may be a little outdated from the looks of it but from the experience side of things, the thrills and spills are still there! So beware or be scared…


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