Ban Krut (Ban Grood) – Peaceful Beach Haven

Ban Krut (Ban Grood) – Peaceful Beach Haven

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Ban Krut’s beaches are long and quiet.


WHY GO: Ban Krut (also written as Baan Grood) is a beautiful and atmospheric little wooden seaside town with two marvelous beaches not too far from Hua Hin. Ban Krut has a charming atmosphere of an old village lost in time, yet you can still find nice hotels in Baan Grood.

WHY NOT: There are not many activities to do than than soak up the quiet atmosphere and enjoy the beautiful beaches.


RETIREES: Ban Grood’s old time atmosphere has found a dedicated following with a handful of more mature travelers.

HIDDEN BEACHES: Ban Krut’s beaches are about as quiet as you can find in Thailand without going to a deserted island.


Ban Krut’s northern beach in front of Bayview Beach Resort.

If you are looking for a long, beautiful and peaceful beach in Thailand, head to Ban Krut, a couple of hours from Hua Hin by car or train. The cute little wooden village has two marvelous beaches, one of which is 12 km long and the other a little shorter. Both are quiet. Very quiet. Absolutely sleepy.

The two beaches are quite different. Most of the (few) hotels and restaurants are on the southern beach, which has a small road running parallel to the shore. The sand is slightly rough and more yellow in color than white. Still, the beach is enchanting. What else could a 12 km long beach be?

The northern beach is more isolated; the road runs far behind the beach, what makes the beach feel very secluded.

A handsome temple stands on top of a steep hill between the beaches.


Ban Krut’s handsome temple is a sight to behold.

Ban Krut’s idyllic little town is behind the southern beach, next to a wooden railway station. Houses are mostly made of teak wood. The town is worth visiting just to see the barber salon of 78-year-old Mr. Chalong. The firm-handed old gentleman shaves you, trims your coif and picks your nose hair for less than a dollar. The barber has been running his salon for over 60 years.

Ban Krut’s Sights and Activities

Ban Berd is a fabulous hidden beach on the Gulf of Thailand.

A snorkeling and diving trips to wonderful Koh Talu Island can be arranged through Ban Krut’s guesthouses and hotels.

Rent a scooter and make a day trip to Bang Berd’s spectacular deserted beach.

Trips can also be arranged to little visited Kuiburi National Park, where one is almost guaranteed to see wild elephants.

Ban Krut’s Hotels and Guesthouses

Chilling out on Ban Krut's beach.
Rachavadee Bankrut has a wonderful chill out zone in from of its stretch of beach.

Ban Krut has some very nice places to stay. The most stylish one is Keeree Waree Seaside Villa and Spa, which has beautiful big bungalows and a pool on the middle part of the southern beach.

For those looking for a proper hotel with a large swimming pool Baan Grood Arcadia Resort & Spa is a safe bet at the northern end of the southern beach. Rooms are spacious and well maintained.

Ban Krut’s most funky guesthouse is Rachavadee Bankrut Resort. Hammocks have been set up between the palm trees in front of the resort, and sculpture-like stones and smooth trunks of giant drift woods act as sun loungers. Rachavadee is located on on the very peaceful southern end of the southern beach.

If you want to stay on the northern beach, Bayview Beach Resort has it all. The food is cheap and good, spacious rooms have been laid out thoughtfully, and there is a small pool and a playground for the kids. Beach trees provide shade from the midday sun. Just keep in mind that Bayview Beach Resort is quite isolated from the rest of Ban Krut, so its advisable to have your own transportation.

Ban Krut’s Restaurants and Bars

Get a sleek hair cut in Ban Krut’s cool old style barber.

Choices for restaurants are very limited in Ban Krut. Most visitors tend to eat at their hotels. A small cluster of restaurants and bars is located on the southern beach’s main intersection. Standing right at the junction is Boon’s Moon Bar, a nice and lively open-air bar gathering all the thirsty fellows of Ban Krut.

Travel to Ban Krut

Ban Krut’s atmospheric little train station.

Trains to Ban Krut run from Bangkok and Hua Hin. You can also catch a bus from both cities.

Move On

Cool limestone mountain on the way to Ban Krut.

The railway line continues from Ban Krut to Chumphon (two-hours), where you find more peaceful beaches, though Chumphon is best known for its ferries to Koh Tao Island.

Couple of hours further away is Suratthani, a busy transport hub with ferries to Ko Phangan and Ko Samui.



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