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Revered for their beauty, power, and mystique, precious gems have been fascinating people of all cultures for centuries. As we live in a world that is its own treasure chest, it is nature that has produced in miniature amongst precious stones. Are you looking for something bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style? Introducing Pornchai International Co., Ltd., a gem of a store loaded with treasures not to be missed!

Mr. Pornchai Chuenchomlada, founder and former President of Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association.
Mr. Pornchai Chuenchomlada, owner of Pornchai International.

A wonderful stop for all things rocks, minerals, and gemstones, Pornchai International has been in business for over 40 years’ now. The man behind the curtain is Mr. Pornchai Chuenchomlada, founder and former President of Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association – literally he is the go-to-guy for anything gem related. Mr. Pornchai has been in every field of the gemstone business with over 50 years’ experience and expertise – from a cutter, a broker, to an exporter. Today, the company has grown to become one of the leading gemstone exporter, wholesaler, and retailer in Thailand.

Gemstones are stones with life in them, which is why they are sourced from all over the world from different continents – they all differ in properties and their colour speaks. Ranging from Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Agate, Jasper, Sapphire, Ruby, Opal, and much much more, Pornchai International’s collection is a combination of the riches of nature and a form of art in jewels. Set your mind to rest because only authenticity is guaranteed, phonies are not endorsed here. And if you’re a customer unacquainted to the gemstone realm, the staff can instill some knowledgeable details of the physical properties and aesthetic value of them for you.

Gemstones into jewelry.
Gemstones into jewelry.
Blingsmith, storytelling jewelry.
Blingsmith, storytelling jewelry.

Ask about their Blingsmith brand jewelry. They are a uniquely designed brand of jewelry that is not only for show but focuses on portraying a story – because behind every story there is a meaning and it is that important meaning as to why a person should wear Blingsmith!

With traditional and unique designs that are made to last a lifetime, it’s no wonder why many foreign buyers flock to Bangkok for a special piece of ornament. Whether you’re looking for something small or something large, at Pornchai International, their product range can start from a few hundreds of baht all the way to millions of baht, especially for those finer pieces in your life!

Jewelry Trade Center Building (JTC).
Jewelry Trade Center Building (JTC).

A prime location, Bangkok is the hub of gems and jewelry, and has been for several years. 70% of the customers are foreigners while the remaining 30% being Thais (which is on the increase). You can find Pornchai International situated at the Jewelry Trade Center Building (JTC), G Floor, on Silom road. JTC also serves are a fashion shopping outlet with many brand names. It is easily accessible and is within walking distances from the Surasak BTS station.

For more information on products offered and store location, please visit their website:


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