Beach Battle: Krabi VS Khao Lak

Beach Battle: Krabi VS Khao Lak

Imageine: just the two of us... on Ko Hong island.
Which one is better? Krabi with it’s fantastic scenery…

Krabi and Khao Lak are both great choices of a beach resort for active holidaymakers. But which one is better for you, Krabi or Khao Lak? Let our Beach Battle settle the scores.

Which Destination is Better, Krabi or Khao Lak?

1–0 Krabi has far finer scenery, thanks to its fabulous limestone mountains, which rise vertically from the sea. Khao Lak is beautiful too with long beaches and lush jungles. But very few places in the world can compete with Krabi when it comes to scenery, so this point goes to Krabi.

1–1 Did we mention beaches? If you are looking for long, beautiful and deserted beaches, choose Khao Lak. Krabi’s beaches are much shorter and they get very crowded during the high season.

1–2 If you are into diving, Khao Lak is definitely your destination as Khao Lak is the epicenter of Thailand’s diving industry thanks to it’s close proximity to the fabulous Ko Similan islands.


Take a snorkeling liveaboard to stuninng Similan Islands.
…or Khao Lak with its easy access to the fabled Similan Islands, Thailand’s diving epicenter?

1–3 Do you have a jungle fever? Khao Lak is an hour’s drive away from Khao Sok rainforest, Thailand’s most beautiful national park. Krabi lies close to Khao Nor Chuci National Park, which is a much more smaller jungle area. Point to Khao Lak!

2–3 Time for Krabi to get its act together. And it does: Krabi is one of the world’s best places for rock climbing. Point to Krabi!

3–3 From Krabi it is easier to organize kayaking trips to the picturesque Phang Nga Bay. Point to Krabi!


Phang-Nga Bay
Phang-Nga Bay is famous for it’s limestone islands, which look like straight out of fairy tales.

4–3 Krabi lies close to several beautiful caves, where one can admire stalactites and ancient cave paintings. Krabi takes the lead!

4–4 Although Khao Lak’s nightlife is limited, Khao Lak has one great music club, the Red Snapper, which alone beats all of Krabi’s nightlife. Khao Lak also has better restaurant scene than Krabi.

5–4 Both Krabi and Khao Lak have plenty of choices for luxury hotels and medium-priced accommodation, but Krabi has much more choices for budget accommodation. Point to Krabi!

6–4 If you are traveling on the rainy season, Khao Lak becomes pretty deserted with many of its restaurants closing their doors. Krabi is much more inviting on the monsoon months, which brings the last point to Krabi.

Now its your turn to tell your opinion: which one is more exciting destination, Krabi or Khao Lak?