Golf in Pattaya – Cheap Green Fees and Great Courses

Pattaya is a golfer’s paradise. One does not need to visit the same course twice on a two-week vacation, as Pattaya has over 20 full-length courses within an hour’s drive from the beach town.

About half of the courses are excellent, and on top that, you can also visit Bangkok’s top courses, which are not too far away either, such as the Lotus Valley Golf Resort.

There are courses for players of all levels from beginners to masters. Usual driving time to the courses is between 30 minutes to one hour.


siam country club
Michelle Wie photographed playing at Pattya’s Siam Country Club. Photo: brianewen, Flickr CC

Pattaya’s Cheap Green Fees

Pattaya’s golf courses are particularly known for their versatility and good price-quality ratio. Playing tends to be cheaper than in other popular beach destinations. Green fees for good courses start at 1000 baht in Pattaya, whereas in Hua Hin they are usually about twice the price.

To get the best deals for the courses, you might want to join the Pattaya Sports Club as a member. The club has negotiated good discounts on Pattaya’s golf courses.

Another option to enjoy the discounts and to make playing hassle-free is to book the rounds through travel agents specialized in golf. They have negotiated discounts for their customers and organize the transportation to the courses.

One such agent is the JP House guesthouse, which also rents out excellent golf sets for 300 bahts a day (whereas renting very basic clubs from the golf courses sets you usually around 1000 baht a day).

Pattaya’s Best Golf Courses

There are courses for all tastes. The best is considered to be the 27-hole Laem Chabang, which is usually ranked on the top five of all courses in Thailand. Green fee costs about 3000 baht.

Great value top golf courses are Bangpra Golf, Emerald Golf Club, and recently refurbished Greenwood Golf, all of them with green fees around 1,000 baht.

Worth experiencing is the challenging St. Andrews 2000 Golf Club, which has big trees and obstacles on its long fairways, and elevated tees and greens. Playing this course requires good physiques from the golfers.

The most intriguing golf course must be Wangjuntr Golf Park. You either love or hate Wangjuntr’s playful courses; for instance, one fairway has its green on an island with a bond in the middle. Sometimes it almost feels like playing mini golf. “90 percent of customers are thrilled, and 10 percent complain that this is not golf at all,” says the owner of JP House who also organizes golf tours.

Best Time to Play Golf in Pattaya?

The most pleasant time to play golf is the cool season from November to February. It is also the busiest time of the year.

The air is hottest during the hot season from March to May, but players usually get used to the heat quite fast.

Don’t count out the rainy season, which lasts from June to October and has its pros. Pattaya is one of Thailand’s driest regions, and the rain showers are only occasional. The prices of green fees are usually halved, and the summertime is a nice period to stay in Pattaya for other reasons too; the normally busy beach town turns to a quiet and relaxing place with very few other tourists.


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Pattaya is a golfer's paradise. One does not need to visit the same course twice on a two-week vacation, as Pattaya has over 20...

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