Beach Battle: Hua Hin VS Cha-Am

Beach Battle: Hua Hin VS Cha-Am

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Would you choose Hua Hin…

Hua Hin and Cha-Am are ideal resorts for families and older travelers. Which one should you choose as your destination, Hua Hin or Cha-Am?

Hua Hin or Cha-Am?

Cha-Am Thailand
…or Cha-Am?

0–1 Cha-Am has a much more marine feel. Life in Cha-Am is focused right by the sea, while Hua Hin’s center has spread far inland from the beach. Cha-Am scores the first point!

0–2 Cha-Am is much smaller and mellower destination than Hua Hin. Everything in Cha-Am is within walking distance, and we mean everything!

1–2 Hua Hin is sleeker. Cha-Am’s general atmosphere is a bit on the shabby side, so better choose Hua Hin, if you want to ad a bit of luxury to your holiday. This point for Hua Hin!

2–2 Hua Hin has much better shopping facilities; Hua Hin has a big shopping mall and lively night bazaar, whereas in Cha-Am your only shopping options are beach stalls.

3–2 Hua Hin has more versatile range of restaurants, and you can indulge in cuisines from every corner of the world. Cha-Am’s restaurants, on the contrary, are mostly very simple establishments.

3–3 If you are on a budget, both the accommodation and eating out are cheaper in Cha-Am. Cha-Am gets the point from budget conscious travelers.

4–3 Hua Hin has more sights and activities. Cha-Am has almost nothing else to do than relax by the beach. That gives the final and decisive point to Hua Hin – although it’s good to keep in mind that the beach resorts are situated so close to each other, that it’s easy to do day trips between the two.



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