Ko Similan’s Top 5 Dive Sites – Bolders, Reefs and Large Pelagics

Ko Similan has crystal clear waters with amazing visibility.

Ko Similan’s nine deserted islands have dozens of great dive sites. Similan’s greatest strength is its versatility; you can come here for countless diving trips and always see something new.

Dive instructor Arto Koivunen from Phuket’s Noste Asia dive center reveals us his favorites.

1 Elephant Rock

Clear winner in Ko Similan’s dive sites: Elephant Rock, named after a bulbous rock formation above the surface, has gigantic underwater granite boulders with over 15 swimthroughs amongst them. Underwater scenery is unforgettable.

2 Shark Fin Reef

Schools of over 200 barracudas are often seen circling over this almost a kilometer long, baguette-shaped stone. Even whale sharks have been spotted. This is a current dive, divers going slowly with the flow and admiring the stunning underwater scenery where corals and boulders meet the sand bottom; here you see all the three main fish habitats at once.

3 Deep Six

Here you experience underwater canyons, one of Similan’s most spectacular swimthroughs and fan corals bigger than man. You’ll go down to 35 meters, but even the safety stop at five meters has plenty to see.

4 Tuna Wreck

There is also a wreck in Ko Similan’s waters. Tuna wreck is at the depth of 30–50 meters. Statues representing Thailand’s countryside scenes have been submerged next to the wreck. The sight is surreal.

5 Anita’s Reef

Liveaboard dive trips usually start from this huge coral formation where visibility is up to 30 meters; you can see the bottom from the surface. The highlight is a huge coral boulder called the Whole Roll Rock, so named for the fact that in the time of film cameras people used to shoot an entire roll here. Colorful soft coral has grown all over this ages old boulder made of hard coral. Anita’s Reef truly is a great introduction to the Ko Similan.

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