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Bangkok – The Big Mango

BANGKOK IN BRIEF WHY GO: Bangkok's nickname the Big Mango is rightly deserved: Bangkok is the tropical equivalent of New York, one of the world's...

Hua Hin – Thailand’s Golf and Spa Capital

HUA HIN IN BRIEF WHY GO: Hua Hin is a stylish beach resort close to Bangkok. Hua Hin has historical sights, attractive hotels and atmospheric...

Khao Lak – Close to Nature

KHAO LAK IN BRIEF WHY GO: Khao Lak’s natural beauty and underwater wonders attracts both divers and those looking for secluded beaches. WHY NOT: Khao Lak’s...
Ko Lanta hidden beach

Ko Lanta – Everyone’s Favorite Island

KO LANTA IN BRIEF WHY GO: Ko Lanta is one of Thailand’s most charming islands; it is beautiful and peaceful, yet large enough that one...

Ko Lipe – The “Maldives” of Thailand

KO LIPE IN BRIEF WHY GO: Ko Lipe is a beautiful but busy small Thai island in the midst of an archipelago full of inhabited...

Ko Phangan – More than just a Full Moon Island

KO PHANGAN IN BRIEF WHY GO: Ko Phangan is best known from its Full Moon Parties, but Ko Phangan has much more to offer than...
dolphin bay

Dolphin Bay – Families’ Favorite Beach Resort

DOLPHIN BAY IN BRIEF WHY GO: Dolphin Bay is ideal for families looking for a quiet beach destination not too far from Bangkok. WHY NOT: Don’t...

Khanom – Hidden Paradise in Thailand

KHANOM IN BRIEF WHY GO: Khanom gets pretty close to being a perfect beach destination. Khanom is peaceful and beautiful, yet there are enough activities to...
ko bulone

Ko Bulon Leh – The Secret Island

KO BULON LEH IN BRIEF WHY GO: Ko Bulon Lee is the right Thai island for those looking for a mellow little island away from the...
trang islands

Ko Ngai (Ko Hai) – Thailand’s Most Romantic Island

KO NGAI IN BRIEF WHY GO: Ko Ngai is just like the paradise island you have probably been dreaming of: small and peaceful, surrounded by...

Phuket – Thailand’s Most Famous Island

PHUKET IN BRIEF WHY GO: Thailand’s biggest and most popular holiday island Phuket offers something for everyone. There is enough to do and explore to...

Krabi – Unforgettable Sceneries

KRABI IN BRIEF WHY GO: Krabi has Thailand's finest sceneries, its vertical limestone peaks being featured in countless postcards. Krabi has a wide range of activities to...

Ko Tao – The Dive School Island

KO TAO IN BRIEF WHY GO: This small island is a backpacker favorite and Thailand’s most popular place to do the diving license. You cannot...

Ko Samet – Paradise Island Close to Bangkok

KO SAMET IN BRIEF WHY GO: Ko Samet is the closest place to Bangkok you can call a paradise island. Ko Samed's sand is incredibly fine:...
ban grood

Ban Krut (Ban Grood) – Peaceful Beach Haven

BAN KRUT IN BRIEF WHY GO: Ban Krut (also written as Baan Grood) is a beautiful and atmospheric little wooden seaside town with two marvelous...

Cha-Am – Easy Going Beach Resort Next to Bangkok

CHA-AM IN BRIEF WHY GO: Cha-Am is a laid-back beach resort near Bangkok, small enough for most of its hotels and restaurants to be actually...
Chiang Mai Thailand

Chiang Mai – Gateway to the Northern Thailand

CHIANG MAI IN BRIEF WHY GO: Chiang Mai is the main transport hub of the Northern Thailand. Most travelers pass through this pleasant town on their...

Chumphon – The Gateway to Southern Thailand

Cumphon is where Southern Thailand begins. A long gray wooden pier extends far out to the sea. A couple of times a day a...

Khao Sok – the Call of the Rainforest

This vast, protected rainforest is one of Thailand's finest national parks, and definitely a must on every nature lover’s itinerary. Khao Sok is located...
thailand ko rok

Thailand’s Top 5 Deserted Islands

D id you think Thailand’s islands and beaches are full of tourists? Think again. In these gorgeous deserted Thai islands you can pretend to be...

Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is one of the world’s most amazing travel destinations. In Thailand you can laze on a secluded paradise beach, dive amongst coral gardens,...

Pattaya – The Action-packed Beach Resort

PATTAYA IN BRIEF WHY GO: Pattaya is one of Thailand’s most versatile beach destinations; Pattaya has plenty of activities to keep busy even the most...

Thailand for Solo Travelers

  Are you planning to travel to Thailand alone, just by yourself? Good for you. Going solo is often the best way to travel. You...

Thailand for Backpackers

If you are new to backpacking, Thailand is probably the best place in the world to try backpacking for the first time. Traveling in...

Thailand for Adventurers

Are you active traveler who looks for fast-paced and exotic experiences? Are you looking for off-the-beaten paths? Start your journey in Bangkok where you will...

Golf in Thailand

Thailand is a dream to come true destination for golfers. Thailand has hundreds of great golf courses; and Thailand's best golf courses, such as...

Thailand’s Best Foodie Destinations

If you are a dedicated foodie and looking for great culinary experiences, there are few things you should keep in mind when choosing your...

Thailand’s Secret Islands and Hidden Beaches

Getting to a secret, deserted island is one of many travelers’ biggest dreams. In Thailand you can fulfill that dream, and even surprisingly easily. Southern...

Thailand’s Best Beaches for Shopping

Ok, so you want to combine two of your passions: beaches and shopping. Shouldn’t that be easy in Thailand, a country that is known...

Thailand’s Culture Destinations

Besides its famous beaches Thailand is also a fascinating culture destination. Thailand has a long and splendid history full of legendary kings and queens...

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