Khanom’s Best Restaurants and Bars

Khanom’s Best Restaurants and Bars

Khanom's gourmet scene is excellent for such a hideaway destination. Or what do you say about Aava Resort's tuna tartar?
Khanom’s gourmet scene is excellent for such a hideaway destination. Or what do you say about Aava Resort’s tuna tartar?

Khanom, a tranquil beach destination, is a long kept secret. This is reflected in the local restaurant supply where less is better. Khanon is now enjoying the presence of a few fantastic chefs and bartenders who have had their fill of Thailand’s crowded beaches and are now enjoying the serenity of Khanom.

CC Beach Bar – Khanom’s Long-Standing Favorite

Colorful flags lead to CC Beach Bar.
Colorful flags lead to CC Beach Bar.

CC Beach Bar is one of the best known beach restaurants in Khanom. The restaurant owner, British Charlie, was among the first foreigners to move into town. He continues holding the title of an unofficial local information agency.

Charlie loves storytelling. Before long all the foreigners living in Khanom will have their share of his stories. It’s wise to treat these stories as good tall tales.

CC Beach Bar’s menu has a long list of almost everything one can think of: pizzas (Isan style Larb Moo as a speciality), steaks, Mexican, Indian and seafood. The Drink list is nearly as extensive.

CC Beach Bar is located in Navada Beach, next to the Aava Resort.

Ciao Bella – Khanom’s legendary Italian

Umberto is the happy owner of Ciao Bella. Watch out! His smile is contagious.
Umberto is the happy owner of Ciao Bella. Watch out! His smile is contagious.

The heartfelt Italian signore, Umberto, ran legendary Italian restaurant Ciao Bella in Koh Phi Phi until one day in 2014 he tired of the din characteristic to this party island and decided to relocate to peaceful Khanom. ”The Quality of my life has improved here!”, Umberto rejoices.

Originally from the beautiful island of Elba, Umberto creates magic with his Italian home cooked meals. Every single bite literally melts in your mouth. Umberto started his career in the kitchen when he was only 14 years old. Before moving to Thailand, he had already worked in Italy’s top restaurants and ran his own osteria and pizzeria.

Ciao Bella is located in the North-end of Nadan Beach, also known as Kho Khao beach.

Leave some space for Ciao Bella's deserts too!
Leave some space for Ciao Bella’s deserts too!

Le Petit St Tropez – French Country Kitchen

Julie and Stephanie, a French couple, run a cozy French cuisine, Le Petit St Tropez. In addition to the wonderful French country and home-styled food, the couple also rents beach bungalows and SUP boards.

Le Petit St Tropez is located on Nadan Beach.

Aalto Restaurant’s International Kitchen

Aava Resort's atmospheric Aalto Restaurant.
Aava Resort’s atmospheric Aalto Restaurant.

Aalto Restaurant, located in Aava Resort on Nadan Beach, offers a delicious menu as a nice alternative to Thai food. Lots of imagination has been put into their international portions and prices are very affordable.

Dusty Gecko, Khanom’s Gastro Pub

Gastropub-like Dusty Gecko, owned by a Finnish chef, Mikko Vuori, serves a selection of basic Thai food as well as hamburgers. However, Mikko frequently conjures up daily refined specialities you can’t find on the menu.

Dusty Gecko is located by Bang Node’s main street.

Ruang Sabiang – Southern Thai kitchen

Ruang Sabiang is an atmospheric and affordable Thai restaurant where diners can enjoy the meals in lush, jungle-like surroundings. In order to find Southern Thai specialities browse through the menu until you reach the section Recommended Dishes.

Ruang Sabiang is located in Bang Node Village

Nightlife in Khanom

Joe is one of the charming bohemian owners of Jam Bar.
Joe is one of the charming bohemian owners of Jam Bar.

Khanom’s nightlife is rather quiet, despite the fact that Thailand’s most famous reggae artist, Job to Do band’s frontman Job lives here. Note worthily, one of the band’s most well known songs is called Khanom.

One can sometimes spot Job hanging out in hippie bar JamBay or passing the evening with Aava Resort’s owner, Mr. Atte.

For those who want to get drunk, French Leeloo Cabana serves excellent cocktails in it’s cozy beachfront restaurant. In fact, getting drunk can’t even be avoided in this atmospheric resort, especially if you are sipping strong mojitos. Leeloo Cabana’s kitchen serves basic Thai delicacies as well as classic burgers.

The Ample Moon-festival is held once in a month in Khanom.

Hippie bar JamBay

Jam Bar's small stage.
JamBay’s stage is small and cheery.

JamBay offers a classic Thai-style reggae bar experience. The bar is put together by charming hippie artists, who settled in Khanom after working in various other Thai tourist destinations such as: Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Chiang Mai. They have come to Khanom to embrace the relaxed lifestyle. Their biggest wish seems to be to keep Khanom a tranquil paradise, a well kept secret. Few customers means little income, but this doesn’t seem to bother them. In fact, it has quite the opposite effect.

”If you know how to live, you don’t need much”, utters Joe, one of the bar founders.

JamBay, located in the middle of the Nadan Beach, offers Jam session live music every Saturday.