Sea views and monkey business at Bang Saen


When you want to witness the sun going down on the edge of the sea with the scent of the fresh sea breeze, most would consider Pattaya City. Well don’t be too quick to make your decision as there’s another place that is just as beautiful, minus all the ruckus that Pattaya offers. Take a getaway trip to Bang Saen instead! It’s not that far from Pattaya and rest assure that you won’t be bumping into tourist anytime soon when your there. If you want to party go to Pattaya. If you just want a relaxing time, go to Bang Saen where things are more peaceful and clean. Got it?!

When arriving at your destination, some people may want to find accommodations and check-in straight away. In this case, no! Head directly to Bang Saen beach where you can dine fresh seafood on the sand under the umbrella looking out to the sea. Consider this as a Thai beach as you hardly find any tourist around here. With the scenery and everything being picture-perfect, the weather was rather not. Sometimes you just need to escape from the heat and head to somewhere nice and cool. There’s the Laem Thong Shopping Mall which is located in close proximity from the beach road and just across the road from Burapha University, but who has time for that – we’re here to do some sightseeing! If you want to shop, the infamous Bangkok city awaits you with its countless numbers of shopping malls.

At Khao Sam Muk meeting the local monkeys.
At Khao Sam Muk meeting the local monkeys.

Keep travelling on the beach road you’ll come across some awesome viewpoints. Travel down even further you can change the angles of your views – great for those selfie imposed people or just taking shots of the spectacular views insights. Better yet, how does some cold coconut ice-cream served in a coconut sound whist enjoying the sunset? Well it was “view-delicious”! So if you see a coconut ice cream cart, don’t resist it, especially if it’s hot! Opted for the evening when the weather cools down while watching the sunset.

A visit to Bang Saen wouldn’t be complete if you don’t head up the small hill of Khao Sam Muk – make sure you buy some bananas because you’ll be feeding a bunch a monkeys up there. Oh and the view up there is stunning!

A slow and steady drive up and down the hill trying to avoid these monkeys can be a little tricky, especially when you’re trying to give them some bananas out from the car window. The inconvenient truth, these monkeys will jump on the car waiting to be feed so be careful!

Feel like your trip is over and you need to buy some gift back for your friends and family back home, then head to Nong Mon Market which is the shopping venue for food and souvenirs of Chon Buri. It is a convenient stop before returning to Bangkok. Don’t forget about the sweet rice in bamboo pipe, sweet coconut wrapped in palm leaf and many more!

Nong Mon Market.
Nong Mon Market.


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