The natural beauty and simplicity of Sa Kaeo


Sometimes we get all tied up with the big city life that we forget about the beauty of nature.

My destination, Sa Kaeo province, which is located approximately 245 kilometers from Bangkok (about 3 hours drive) and right on the edge next to the Cambodian border. You won’t find any high rise buildings here but what you do find is lots and lots of greenery and mountains. Being from the city, one can tell that the air quality is completely different, fresh and delightful.

On arrival and stepping out of the car, I gasp deeply, feeling in my lungs with that hint of purity in the air. So fresh, so good!

For this trip, we were visiting the missus family that lived in the Klong Had district, so that means we didn’t get to experience the main town of Sa Kaeo. Within this area, we witness fields and fields of agriculture; from sugarcane plantations to potatoes and lots more! We really were in the countryside.

The dirt here is rich in red colour. From a distance, we witness many mountain ranges which in fact are tourist spots where you can adventure into the caves or take a scenic approach at the viewing points for some awesome photo takings. Simply put it, the views here are amazing!

Compared to the city life, there is not much to do here besides being with nature. The closest thing to the city is the town Wang Nam Yen (just before Klong Had). Here you’ll find stores, restaurants and the Tesco Lotus supermarket.

Luckily, there are those hidden gem spots that only the locals know about and of course I was taken there. Take a glimpse of the image taken below and there is no denying that this is a great chill out spot with a great view, especially going along with the food, drinks and karaoke!


Thai style BBQ.
Thai style BBQ.

So what can we expect here when we dine? Well for sure you won’t be expecting any international cuisines here, not even a McDonald’s. Expect Isaan food and “nam prik” (Thai dip or hot sauce) to satisfy your taste buds but just beware, people here love their spiciness on another level!

On one of the nights, we dine inside due to the pouring rain. Not even the rain will stop us for a BBQ session. All of our produces were bought at the local markets’ nearby and boy, the quantity we get here is just outrageous compared to Bangkok prices. You can live like kings and queens here!

You won’t find fancy 5-star hotels around here but there are decent accommodations that can be found. I’ve taken refuge at Klong Had Resort numerous times and it’s cheap too! For those who are looking for decent but something better, try the Wangnamyen Garden Hotel. Although I haven’t stayed at this hotel before but have driven passed it on many occasion, it does look good! And just a couple of metres down the road you’ll find a driving range for all those golf fanatics!

So being back in Bangkok with the big city life, what do I miss about the country side? Overall, it’s got to be the atmosphere over there. The simplicity of life there, the air quality, even the night sky where you actually can witness the twinkling stars – this is what can be experienced and definitely cannot forget! Once we got back to Bangkok and opened the doors, we were reunited with the “Bangkok air” again, oh wells…


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