Fenix XCell – The Apparel Game Changer

Our blogger Tony with Michael Moir, the man behind the Fenix brand.

The importance of having the right apparel for the right job is something that companies think higher of. Being comfortable and looking good while still being able to perform in peak conditions is what the wearer is thinking of. Put two and two together, you’ll get FENIX!

Meet Michael Moir, the owner behind the rise of the FENIX brand. Since 2008, FENIX has been growing to become one of the staple brands trusted among golfers all over the world. Today, they are the official apparel partner for the Asian Tour.

Coming from a Scottish background, Michael continues his heritage by incorporating the Scottish lines and patterns to the designs of the FENIX collections.

The word flexibility is what defines FENIX apart from the rest. Their custom apparels offer customers the ability to mix and match designs and colors to their liking. Representing a company, a sponsor, or spending a day on the greens during a corporate event, FENIX has you covered as they can brand your business logo to their apparels as well.

Fenix – from Golf World to Lifestyle Markets

From the very beginning, FENIX has always been present in the golfing realm. Pushing the business even further, Michael now aims to expand the FENIX brand to newer markets such as Lifestyle for everyday wear and on top of that, into different sports such as Tennis and Fitness – propelling FENIX to become even more of a diversified brand that can compete with the big names out there.

With all sports brands, there is the need for brand ambassadors to represent the company’s name and image. At FENIX, one of those ambassadors is Janne Kaske, a Finnish professional golfer who plays at the Asian Tour and Asian Development Tour. Whenever Janne isn’t competing abroad, he is based in Bangkok and/or Hua Hin where he eat, sleeps, and golfs – especially in Bangkok, we can find him training at Singha Elite Golf Performance Centre located in Thana City. Janne is highly committed, plays good golf, and overall he looks good wearing the FENIX brand!

Where to Find Fenix Products?

Fenix apparels can be found in the shops of leading golf courses in Thailand, as well in special Fenix outlet shops in selected destinations around Thailand and the golfing world.

For more information about FENIX, please visit www.fenixxcell.com


Text by By: Tony Poowananon


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