Thailand’s Most Beautiful Islands

Thailand’s Most Beautiful Islands

Ko Racha Yai has several beaches with perfect white sand.
Ko Racha Yai has several beaches with perfect white sand.

Small and remote islands captivate the human mind in almost a mystical way. There is something in them that recalls our image of a paradise.

So, what are Thailand’s most enchanting small paradise islands, where the sand is the whitest and the sea clearest? Paradise islands where you have nothing else to do than enjoy the sun, sand, and sea without much anything else to do? Where the rest of the world seems to be light-years away?

Our favorite small paradise islands in Thailand are also cradles of peace: there are no cars or scooters buzzing around in these islands.

Thailand’s Most Romantic Island

paradise island thailand
Ko Ngai is a perfect paradise island in Thailand.

The most beautiful island in Thailand might just be Ko Ngai. The jungle-covered island has no roads and no other buildings than a handful of stylish, boutique-style bungalow resorts. Robinson Crusoe would feel at home here.

There is almost nothing to do on the Ko Ngai (beside pretty good snorkeling), so you can fully engage in the best of what a real paradise islands can offer: relaxing by the beach and enjoying the warm, crystal clear sea. And an occasional refreshing coconut.

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Thailand’s Secret Island

ko bulone
Driftwood looks like a sculpture on Ko Bulon Lee’s Beach.

Another beautiful little island is Ko Bulon Lee, which has remained pretty much a secret among Thailand’s islands. Even most Thais have never heard of the island lying between Trang archipelago and the famous Ko Lipe island. Ko Bulon Lee has a beautiful beach, some fruit plantations and a small fishing village. The ladies of village cook some of the tastiest fish dishes in whole Thailand.

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What about Ko Lipe?

Ko Lipe and its turquoise waters seen from neighboring Ko Adang island.

Ko Lipe has been labeled as the Maldives of Thailand. The hype is only partly true, though. Ko Lipe does have distant location, turquoise waters, and beautiful coral reefs, but it also has been built full of resorts of all sorts. So don’t expect to find a virgin paradise island here.

On the plus side is Ko Lipe has a plenty of choice for restaurants and bars, and you can even find an excellent ice-cream parlor on the island. Ko Lipe is best for those travelers, who look for a lively paradise island in Thailand.

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Easy to Reach Ko Racha

Ko Racha Yai has several beaches with perfect white sand.
Ko Racha Yai has several beaches with perfect white sand.

If you are looking for a small paradise island that is easy to reach, Ko Racha Yai is perfect for you. The island’s beaches are white as powder, the sea perfectly turquoise, and Ko Racha Yai’s handful of hotels are of good, even luxurious standard.

What sets Ko Racha Yai apart of the other islands is that it is very convenient to travel to. Just fly to Phuket’s international airport, take a taxi to the pier and catch a 45-minutes speedboat to the island.

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