Thailand’s Best Hotels for Families

Choosing the right hotel is an absolute must for a successful family holiday. When kids have fun at the pool, parents have time to relax too. It is actually a good idea to choose your holiday destination on the basis of a nice hotel.


thailand best family resort
Pattaya’s Centara Grand Mirage has an amazing pool.

All our recommended hotels are located in destinations that are ideal for families. If you are looking for a wide range of activities, you should go to Phuket or Pattaya. Yes, you read it right: Pattaya. Despite Pattaya’s notorious reputation, it is actually a surprisingly good family destination. Your children won’t get bored in neither of these destinations.

If you are looking for more laid-back atmosphere, both Hua Hin and the neighboring Cha-Am are a good mix of cozy hotels and exciting places to visit, like giant monk statues, wineyards and a jungle road where wild elephants roam.

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Even more laid back is Dolphin Bay, where you will find a great family-friendly hotel Dolphin Bay Resort. The long beach is mostly empty – except for pink dolphins swimming in the sea.

However, if you crave for a sleepy island atmosphere, Koh Lanta is the perfect choice. The island’s beaches are long and peaceful and Thailand’s tourism boom side effects such as over-enthusiastic vendors and sex tourism are far away.

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From Ko Lanta you can travel for a short break to a small paradise island, Ko Kradan, which is so peaceful that even Robinson Crusoe would feel at home.

1. Hyatt Regency, Hua Hin

The luxury hotel’s highlight is its stunning swimming pool, which goes around lush gardens and has an exciting waterslide. Children’s pool has a small man-made beach on its edge for safe games on the sand.

Hyatt Regency is a hotel of immaculate taste, and your holiday is guaranteed to be successful, even if your kids are in the middle of their terrible twos.

The hotel is situated on the most beautiful part of Hua Hin’s beach. This section of the beach is quiet, even though it is easy to travel to the center of Hua Hin by taxi or a shared songthaew pick-ups.

2 Mövenpick Resort, Phuket

Already the hotel’s name is mouth-watering. And Mövenpick Resort does not let you down, even if the ice creams are not free despite of what the kids might expect. The resort has four pools, ball pond and a room full of PlayStations, so your kids are happy to stay indoors at noontime when the sun is at its hottest.

The hotel is full of playful details that will set you in a good mood, such as leaf-roofed garden buildings that look like from a native island village. Even if the hotel is big in size, it does not feel like that at all, but the atmosphere is rather intimate. And of course, pizzas at the beach bar are really tasty.

The hotel is located on Phuket’s Karon Beach, which has a good combination of miscellaneous services and peacefulness.

3 Centara Grand Mirage, Pattaya

The swimming pools at Centara Grand Mirage resemble a full-sized water park. Thailand’s best swimming pool is to be found on a slightly surprising place, notorious Pattaya. But don’t be turned off by Pattaya’s reputation, since the hotel is located on a peaceful stretch of beach out of the centre of Pattaya. Pattaya also has a lot of fun things to do for families.

Centara Grand Mirage makes a great place to stop for a few, exciting days on your way to peaceful and child-friendly islands of Ko Samet or Ko Mak. You will certainly not regret on giving Pattaya a chance on this one!

4 Dolphin Bay Resort, Dolphin Bay

At Dolphin Bay Resort, everything has been designed with families in mind. For example, breakfast can be enjoyed right on the edge of the kid’s pool, so adults can sip their morning coffee at ease while the children can already start plashing around.

And best of all: Dolphin Bay Resort’s prices won’t make your head spin. This is by far Thailand’s best value for money hotel for families.

The guests of the hotel are almost all families, so kids will have easy time making new friends. And there are plenty to do, such as a water slide, toy castle, ping pong table and a large grass field where to play ball.

Dolphin Bay itself is a very quiet beach within a four-hour drive from Bangkok. The hotel can arrange a pick-up from Bangkok’s international airport.

5 Sunwing, Phuket

Sunwing is part of a hotel chain that goes completely kids first. Children have a lot of organized activities during the day, and in the evenings a clown will entertain the children in one of the resort’s restaurants – while the parents can enjoy their dinner by candlelight.

Most of the guests come from the Nordic countries, so if you can’t stand the happy Scandinavians, you better give this place a miss.

The hotel is on a long, beautiful and quiet Bang Tao Beach. It is one of Phuket’s only beaches where hotels are located right by the beach without a road running between the hotels and the sea, which makes Sunwing a fun and safe choice for families.

6 Cha Da Beach Resort, Ko Lanta

Koh Lanta is one of Thailand’s loveliest destinations for families, and Cha Da Beach Resort has the best swimming pool on the island. Kids will have a plenty of room to splash by the big pool, and the garden has a large play castle for the little ones.

The hotel is located on Klong Dao Beach, which is ideal for children. The sheltered bay deepens gently making it a safe place for kids to play by the sea.

7 Kradan Island Resort, Ko Kradan

Looking for something different? Located on picturesque Ko Kradan island, this guesthouse gives you a chance to enjoy some real island life. The whole family fits into the resort’s cute two-floor bamboo bungalow.

You won’t get any closer than this to enjoy a deserted island feeling in reasonable comfort. A few days trip to Ko Kradan can be easily combined with a holiday in the much larger Ko Lanta Island.

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