Pattaya for Families – Why Kids Love Pattaya?

Pattaya for Families – Why Kids Love Pattaya?

Centara Grand Mirage pattaya


If kids were left to choose their family’s next Thai holiday resort, their index finger would point to Pattaya. Yes, that’s it, Thailand’s most notorious destination, which was once described in New York Times as: “Somewhere in the world there may be a city with a more seedy reputation, a place more devoted to the sex industry and more notorious as a haven for criminals on the lam. But probably not.”

Do not stop reading yet! Pattaya’s seedy reputation is just one part of the truth. Pattaya has many sides, and one of them is very suitable for children. Kids do have some good reasons to fancy Pattaya.

Centara Grand Mirage – Hotel Like a Water Park

The main reason for the children’s enthusiasm over Pattaya would be Centara Grand Mirage, the most child-friendly hotel in Thailand. The hotel’s huge outdoor pool area resembles a full-scale water park: the pool has thrilling water slides, waterfalls and cave passages. Fantastical statues and suspension bridges that cross the pool create an atmosphere of a lost kingdom, perfect for all enthusiastic little aquatic Indiana Joneses.

The hotel is located in the neat Wong Amart Beach, where you won’t see even a hint of the sex trade.

Centara Grand Mirage is Pattaya’s most spectacular example of how the beach town is changing its reputation to a much more family friendly destination.

Plenty of Activities for Kids

Pattaya has great many things for kids to do – they certainly won’t get bored in Pattaya.

The entire upper floor of Royal Garden Plaza Shopping Mall is filled with exciting things for the kids: Ripleys’ Believe it or Not Museum showcases all kinds of abnormalities and weird record breaking facts around the world; next to it are a haunted house, wax museum and 4D cinema.

The latest family attraction in Pattaya is the impressive Art in Paradise gallery full of very lifelike paintings to trick your eye – and your camera. You can picture yourself as an angel, balancing on the edge of a deep gorge or next to a terrifying shark with its mouth wide open.

The slightly rundown Pattaya Park is a combination of a water park and a theme park with water slides, carousel, Viking Ship and roller coaster. Some devices, however, would benefit from a small refurbishment. The Park’s 240 meter-high tower is one of Pattaya’s landmarks, and you can slide down from its top along a cable line.

Swing It Like an Ape

Flight of the Gibbon offers a memorable experience for more grown up children. You will be taken to a nearby national park, where you slide along steel cables in the canopy of the jungle.

Head On to a Paradise Island

A good idea is to combine a holiday in Pattaya with a visit to a more quieter destination. Centara Grand Mirage offers a memorable stopover on your way to the Thailand’s East Coast’s beautiful and quiet islands such as Ko Samet and Ko Mak, or the much bigger and more adventurous Ko Chang.



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