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Khanom’s Best Restaurants and Bars

Khanom, a tranquil beach destination, is a long kept secret. This is reflected in the local restaurant supply where less is better. Khanon is now enjo

Isaan’s Fabulous Festivals

Thailand’s North-Eastern region called Isaan has a number of interesting festivals, especially at the advent of the rainy season in late May and

Isaan, Thailand’s wild, wild North-East

North Eastern Thailand aka Isaan (also written Isan and Esaan) is a good antidote for all those who claim Thailand to be full of tourists. Only a hand
Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park – Where the Wild Beasts Roam

Usually it’s difficult to see many wild animals in a jungle, but Khao Yai National Park makes a splendid exception to the rule. Khao Yai National Pa
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Thailand’s Top 5 Deserted Islands

D id you think Thailand’s islands and beaches are full of tourists? Think again. In these gorgeous deserted Thai islands you can pretend to be Mr. R
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Beach Battle: Ko Phangan VS Ko Lanta

Ko Phangan and Ko Lanta are both adorable, easy-going islands, and great places to look for a cheap beach bungalow. But which one should you choose, K

Thailand’s Top 5 Snorkeling Places

What is the best place to snorkel in Thailand? To find the finest coral reefs you have to travel to small islands far out into the sea. The islands on

Beaches Close to Bangkok

One doesn’t need to travel far from Bangkok to get to beautiful beaches. The beaches we will introduce below are great options if you don’t wa

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