PB Valley Khao Yai Winery – Stimulate Your Senses

Tony (on the left) posing with Mr. Prayut Piangbunta, Thailand’s first oenologist and the backbone of PB Valley Winery on a molecular and scientific level.

Sometimes we seek adventure, sometimes we seek serenity, but how about seeking something out of the norm through stimulating all of your five senses? That is what happens in a vineyard tour: Your tastebuds will be tickled, aromas will accentuate through the air, you will feel the ambience from different environments, you will witness the beauty of nature, and you will hear nothing but peacefulness.

Between the terrains of Khao Yai mountains, lies PB Valley Khao Yai Winery, the source to one of the finest wines that Thailand has to offer. Located 150 km Norht East from Bangkok, this destination is a must for those wanting to witness and experience something new and articulate.

Pb Valley's beautiful grounds.
Pb Valley’s beautiful grounds.

Winery Tour Thailand Style

Take a tour around the 1,000 acres vineyard where onlookers can gaze upon the growth of different wine species (Shiraz, Tempranillo, Chenin Blanc, Dornfelder, Colombard, Cabernet Sauvignon) while being enlighten by the guide on every detail imaginable.

Ever wonder how wine is made or the processes behind it? You will never wonder again as the tour continues through the winery to observe the different phases of wine making.

The wineyards with Khao Yai's mountains as the backdrop.
The vineyards with Khao Yai’s mountains on the backdrop.

Each room of the winery has its own general purpose, and you’ll feel the difference in vibes where light, humidity, and temperature play an important role in the wine making (especially in when storaging the wines). Fragrance tends to change from room to room – one may be the scent of oak from the wooden barrels or the other, the scent of yeast from the fermentation process.

From the excursion through the winery itself, you’ll start to understand the scale of the production size. The winery has a capacity of 600,000 bottles per year compared to its actual annual production rate of more than 150,000 bottles per year – but take a look on the bright side, PB Valley is ready and more capable than ever!

Time for Wine Tasting!

XXX showing wines to Tony.
Mr. Heribert Gaksch showing wines to Tony.

How about some wine tasting? As you know, a winery tour isn’t complete without sampling the wines, and that is exactly how this tour ends – on a good note! Here, your sense of smell will be aroused and tastebuds will be questioned.

For those unfamiliar with wine, all you need to do is ask; ask why do people swirl their glasses, how to hold the glass, how to take a sip to get that full taste, anything!

Special thanks goes out to Mr. Heribert Gaksch (Marketing & Business Development) for the exclusive tour and wine tasting – it was truly a new experience!

PB Valley’s Award Winning Wines

Can I drink all this?
Can I drink all this?

At PB Valley, the winemakers are masters of turning the fruits of nature into sophisticated wines. The main winemaker in charge is Mr. Prayut Piangbunta (Managing Director & Chief Winemaker), Thailand’s first Oenologist and the backbone of PB Valley on a molecular and scientific level – he oversees the fermentation and aging processes that turn grapes into wine.

With Mr. Prayut’s expertise, knowledge and background from his studies in Germany, PB Valley has been turning over award winning wines that compete on a worldwide scale – giving presence and appraisal for Thai wine within the wine industry.

It was a great privilege and honour to meet the man behind the bottle!

Great food at The Great Hornbill Grill

Grilled pork neck, anyone?
Grilled pork neck, anyone?

From touring through the outdoor vineyards, to the indoors of the winery rooms, to the open bars for wine tasting, end your stimulating day by indulging yourself with palates from The Great Hornbill Grill restaurant serving both Thai and Western dishes.

For the perfect combination, spoil your appetite by pairing your dishes with a glass of PB Valley wine whilst enjoying your meal overlooking the vineyards for a scenic view.

Don’t forget about the Wine and Souvenir Shop next door to the restaurant – you’ll definitely want to pick up a bottle or two of your favourite PB Valley wine!

Don't forget to visit the wine shop!
Don’t forget to visit the wine shop!

Know-how from Around the World

With machines and equipment from Italy, oak barrels from France, know-how from Germany, and grapes grown here locally at a picture-perfect location, PB Valley Khao Yai Winery’s combination becomes an impeccable formula that results in Thailand’s finest wines!

Don’t be too quick to judge or turn a blind eye, PB Valley is up to par with the rest of the world and is ready for the big spotlight!

For more information, please visit Khao Yai Winery’s official website.

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Tony Poowananon is Nemo Guides’ Thai blogger, taking our readers to a ride through Thailand’s best destinations through local Thai perspective.



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