Tony in the Dreamworld

Are you ready to step into the Dreamworld?

I remember being in Bangkok’s Dreamworld amusement park as a kid, but now I’m back, older and bigger, and there’s no one to stop me from getting to the big boys’ rides!

To avoid crowds and long lines, we opted to go to the Dreamworld on a weekday rather than the weekends. Usually that would have been the case, but upon our arrival we were greeted by the sight of multiple school tours, and they were a huge bunch! So much for short lines, oh wells.

Dreamworld statues offer some great Kodak moments.
Dreamworld statues offer some great Kodak moments.

Dreamworld has been around for ages, but it still has its charms and beauty in spite of its age, and there is something for everyone, even if you’re not a thrill seeker.

Wherever you go or look at, there are always plants and gardens, which have been beautifully cultivated and decorated. You’ll also find sculptures and cartoon characters scattered around the vicinity silently in their positions for you to snap some pictures with.

If you’re fortunate, you’ll come across Mr. Bean under his umbrella.

Giant’s House in Dreamworld

Want to know how it feels like to be miniaturized? The Giant’s House is it! Everything is supersized in here! You will either feel like Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, or that you’ve been shrunk like those kids from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Either way, it’s a pretty impressive sight viewing things from a smaller perspective. Plus The Giant’s House was air-conditioned, and we wanted to get away from the outside heat!

Arctic Atmosphere in Snow Town

Tony's dream companions at the Dreamworld.
Tony’s dream companions at the Dreamworld.

But for those who really want to escape the heat, head over to Snow Town where the temperature is guaranteed below negative zero in an arctic atmosphere.

Dreamworld’s Best Rides

Dreamworld has some great amusement park rides.
Dreamworld has some great amusement park rides.

Looking around, doing some sightseeing, capturing the moment, and finally it started to feel like it’s time to take a flight on the rides. The first choice was the Sky Coaster (hanging roller coaster), and it was definitely worth the wait! Exhilarating drops and fast turns at high speeds got my adrenaline going that’s for sure!

And next The Hurricane… Hold on tight as this baby tosses you about like a rag doll as it flips and somersaults in the air – not for the faint of heart.

The Raptor for its turn bounces and spins a hell of a lot too! It’s thrilling, but it just never ends! The Raptor was the least favorite of mine but undeniably the girls liked it a lot.

There’s a bunch of other exciting rides that awaits you, but just make sure you choose wisely as waiting in line you could lose valuable time for having fun somewhere else.

We averaged about 30 minutes waiting in line for most of the rides, and we still didn’t get to go on all rides.

“Hollywood Action Show”

One thing you miss if you come visit Dreamworld on weekdays is the Hollywood Action show with real live thrills and spills with spectacular special effects and loud explosions since the show is performed only on the weekends.

Water Fun and Animal Farm for Kids

Kids' will love the small water park.
Kids’ will love the small water park.

For the smaller children Dreamworld has kid’s activities such as the ‘Water Fun’ for those who love the water, and the ‘Animal Farm’ for the animal lovers.

And don’t forget about those amusement park games. Try winning them to get your girl a souvenir teddy bear so they stop complaining later is a must!

Dreamworld’s Cable Car

Cable car takes above the Dreamworld.
Cable car takes above the Dreamworld.

Ending off the day on a perfect note and for the most spectacular views of the amusement park, get on the ‘Cable Car’ and you won’t be disappointed! As you cruise through the sky at a steady pace you are endowed with the amazing scenery at your glimpse. This is the perfect opportunity to snap those unforgettable shots!

For a second, being up there you think you’re a drone because of the similar viewpoints you have but in reality, you’re not a drone and you don’t fly! So be cautious and keep all hands on deck!

How to Get To Dreamworld

Dreamworld is located in Rangsit area in Bangkok. Take BTS (Skytrain) to Mo Chit Station, leave through Exit No. 3, and catch bus no.188. Or catch a taxi.

Dreamworld Opening Hours

Dreamworld is open:

Monday – Friday from 10.00 hrs -17.00 hrs

Saturday – Sunday and public holidays from 10.00 hrs -19.00 hrs

Dreamworld Admission Fee

Thai Adults 150 baht and children 120 baht

Foreigners 650 baht (including admission to all rides except Snow Town Go-kart)


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