Beach Battle: Phuket VS Hua Hin

Beach Battle: Phuket VS Hua Hin

Kata Noi is one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches.

Phuket and Hua Hin are both great holiday destinations for families and older travelers. But which one should you choose, Phuket or Hua Hin?

Which Destination is Better Phuket or Hua Hin?

1–0 You can fly directly to Phuket from around Asia and from most European countries. Hua Hin is a three-hour drive from the International Airport in Bangkok. Point to Phuket for the airport!

1–1 A trip to Hua Hin can be easily combined with a visit to Bangkok, Thailand’s fascinating capital.

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2–1 Phuket’s beaches are much more gorgeous than Hua Hin’s. And there is much more choice for the beaches : if you wish, you can visit a different beach every day of your holiday in Phuket.

2–2 Hua Hin is more affordable than Phuket. Taxis in particular are expensive in Phuket. Point to Hua Hin.

3–2 From Phuket you can do snorkeling and diving trips to nearby islands. From Hua Hin it is almost a three-hour drive by car plus a boat ride to reach the nearest coral reef on Ko Talu Island.


Ko Racha Yai Island near Phuket has crystal clear waters for snorkeling.

3–3 Golfers’ point goes to Hua Hin. Hua Hin has altogether 10 great golf courses only 30 minutes drive away from the beach resort. Phuket has some nice golf courses too, but they are expensive and can get quite crowded.

3–4 Both destinations have some good shopping, but if you prefer to stay in Phuket’s quieter beaches, the shopping malls are far away (and you end up paying a lot for those notorious Phuket taxis). Hua Hin’s shops are easy to reach. Hua Hin gets a point from shopaholics.

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4–4 If you are traveling with the family, Phuket has almost endless amounts of activities to keep the kids busy. Hua Hin has much less to offer for kids. Point to Phuket.

5–5 What about restaurants? Phuket and Hua Hin both have endless choices to satisfy your taste buds. In general, Phuket’s restaurants are more geared for international travelers, whereas Hua Hin is a perfect destination for those looking for delicious Thai food. The thing is that Hua Hin is very popular weekend destinations for Bangkokians, who drive here to enjoy not only the beaches but especially seafood. Phuket is reigns on international cuisine, but when it comes to cheap and authentic Thai food, no beach destination can compare with Hua Hin. The point for restaurants we share with both destinations.

6–5 Phuket is the choice for those seeking for truly memorable holiday experiences. From Phuket you can do a day trip to the fabulous Phanga-Nga Bay known for its fantastically shaped limestone islands. Hua Hin has nothing even closely as spectacular to offer. Phuket scores the final and decisive point!

If you want to maximize your Thailand holiday in terms of activities and memorable experiences, Phuket should be your first choice. But if you are looking for a more easy-going beach holiday and don’t plan to do many day-trips, Hua Hin might just be your perfect holiday destination.


Phang-Nga Bay
Phang-Nga Bay is famous for it’s limestone islands that look like straight out of fairytales.


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