Best Parties in Thailand

Best Parties in Thailand

Ko Phangan's famous full moon party. Photo: Joe Stump, Flickr CC
Ko Phangan’s famous full moon party. Photo: Joe Stump, Flickr CC

Looking forward to party in Thailand? You have come to the right place: Thailand hosts some of the best parties in the world. Great beach bars can be found on almost any island in Thailand, but there are some islands and cities that are fundamentally geared towards the party people.

So let us introduce you: Thailand’s best places to let the ants go loose in your pants!

Get Your Party Started in Bangkok

Vertigo Bar is our favorite among Bangkok's rooftop bars.
Vertigo Bar is our favorite among Bangkok’s fantastic rooftop bars.

Let the beach parties wait a bit, and spend first a few days in Bangkok, whose nightlife has something for every taste. And with nightlife, we don’t mean the red light districts. You can forget those, since Bangkok has so much more to offer for party animals.

Start the evening on a skyscraper’s open-air rooftop bar, where you can feel like almost touching the stars, and continue to the South-East Asia’s party capital’s wildest clubs to rub elbows with Bangkok’s rich kids, or head to hippy Khao San Road for its more bohemian atmosphere.

Ko Phangan’s Full Moon Parties and Vibrant Ko Samui

The party is on! Photo: Thomas sauzedde, Flickr CC
The party is on! Photo: Thomas sauzedde, Flickr CC

Admit it, Ko Phangan’s Full Moon Party is on your To Do -list, right? The Full Moon Party certainly ranks among the world’s most legendary parties.

The party people start to gather to Ko Phangan around a week before the party, but during the rest of the month island is surprisingly calm and relaxed, even if the island tries to keep the party hungry travelers satisfied by hosting also new moon and half moon parties.

During the Full Moon Party the accommodation might be scarce on the island, so keep in mind that you don’t actually need to live on Ko Phangan to join the fun: there will be boat transportation through the night also from the neighboring Ko Samui and Ko Tao islands.

The party scene pretty much dries out on Ko Phangan between the full moon times, but the clubs at the neighboring island Ko Samui stay busy every night of the week all year round. Partying on Ko Samui is focused on the Chaweng Beach, where you can find top DJs playing from around the world.

Koh Phi Phi – The Legendary Party Central

Ko Phi Phi is known both for parties and fabulous scenery.
Ko Phi Phi is known both for parties and fabulous scenery.

The best beach parties, however, can be found on Koh Phi Phi where the parties go on every day of the year under the stars and amidst of the incredibly beautiful limestone mountain scenery.

Koh Phi Phi can be called Thailand’s sexiest island with a good reason; all the travelers on this scenic island seem to be young and beautiful, and usually clad only in bikinis and swimming shorts. You will have a hard time to find anybody wearing even a shirt.

Phuket – Gateway to the Party Islands

On your way to Ko Phi Phi you will probably pass through Phuket. Have a look at its nightlife too, and you will get positively surprised.

Even if Phuket’s nightlife central Patong Beach has become largely Russian tourists’ party ground, do not let that fool you. Not many tourists know this, but the best parties in Phuket take place in Phuket’s atmospheric old town, where you share the drinks with funky locals.

One of our favorite clubs in Thailand is Phuket Town’s Timber Hut. Don’t let the ugly false timber facade turn you down: inside you will find great party atmosphere. The madcap DJs play party tunes on their stand in the middle of the dance floor and the revelers dance on the floor, the surrounding loft and between tables like it would be their last day on earth. Timber Hut takes you as close to a music video feel you will get in Thailand.

Sinner’s Pattaya and Paradise-like Koh Samet

Ko Samet's fireshows are some of the best in Thailand.
Ko Samet’s fireshows are some of the best in Thailand.

Thailand’s most raunchy party place is Pattaya, where real life can sometimes mimic the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah (did we mention blowjob bars?). However, you can also have loads of fun keeping your pants on and flirting with beautiful Russian tourists in the clubs . And to be sure, in all its obscenity Pattaya is one of the weirdest places on the earth and as such a sight of its own.

When you have had your share of Pattaya’s wicked party scene, the stunning island paradise of Koh Samet is only a short distance away. On weekdays Koh Samet is very peaceful, but come the weekend, and the island gets busy with young Bangkokians looking for a beach party. You can find parties to suit all tastes: Had Sai Kaew beach attracts both Thai students and tourists whereas Ao Phai beach is known as a gay hangout.

For more sophisticated parties in Ko Samet there is the trendy boutique hotel Bar and Bed Sleepless Society Samed, which hosts pool parties with great DJs and live bands.

Where to Find Thailand’s Best New Year Parties?

Thais actually celebrate New Year twice: the western one on the 31st of December, and the Thai new year known as Songkran around April.

Where should you celebrate the 31st of December, then? The biggest New Year’s party is on Koh Phangan, which is also known for its Full Moon Parties.

A good option is to go to Koh Samet, whose New Year’s festivities are less well-known among the foreigners, but even more so legendary for the Bangkokians.

Bangkok has big new year celebrations too, but the city center can get so crowded that it will be hard to enjoy them. Better to head to the beaches instead.

And Finally Songkran, the Best Party of All

Geneva Convention doesn't count on this fight.
Geneva Convention doesn’t count on this fight.

The ultimate party in Thailand takes place in April during the Thai New Year, Songkran, when the whole country turns to a hilarious water fight battlefield. The wildest places to experience Songkran are Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Pattaya. In each of these cities Songkran is celebrated for several days in a row.



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