Thana City Golf Club, A Place To Call Home


Professional golfers indeed do a lot of traveling, especially when competing in tournaments abroad throughout the whole year. With that in mind, we take a look into the life of Janne Kaske, and what it takes for a professional golfer to always be on top of his game, both mentally and physically.

Janne has put a lot of dedication and effort to be able to stand where he is today. Recently, Janne obtained his tour card and is eligible to play in the Asian Tour and China PGA for 2016. And from what we all know, playing on these tours means traveling to multiple countries throughout the globe – it takes a toll on your physical condition, biological clock, and personal pocket as well. Because of these unavoidable dilemmas, the need for a base for training and getting yourself in peak conditions before any tournament is all too real. This is why Janne has chosen Thailand to be his base country and Thana City Golf Club as well as Singha Elite Performance Centre to be his training grounds.


If you’re wondering why Janne has chosen this particular location then there is only one word to describe it and that is “convenience”. As a golf traveler, Janne explains that having convenience simplifies his life a whole lot and at Thana City that’s what he gets. With numerous outbound flights, he needs to be located in short distance to the airport and Thana City is only 10 minutes away (and just 25 minutes from downtown Bangkok).

Besides being in close proximity to the airport, Janne explains: “Everything that I need is here and I don’t have to travel far. I train and practice here, the range is great and they have all the facilities I need”.


With the ‘why’ answered, we dive into and ask Janne what opportunities this place has given him in aspects to his professional career. He explained that because golf is such an expensive sport, training at the Performance Centre has helped him financially as Singha All Tour players get a special price privilege to train there. He exemplifies that time constraint is a thing of the past as he can practice and play at Thana City one moment and the next be flying to another country for a tournament. All in all, he is spending less time traveling and more time practicing.


In a nutshell, training at Thana City and the Performance Centre has given Janne the convenience every golfer is looking for whist being able to take a load off his mind, wallet and personally time. With these variables out of the way, Janne feels he is more concentrated on his game and is always ready for any challenge – that is why Janne calls this place home.

Text by Tony Poowananon


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