Wildlife Encounters: Bears and Birdwatching

Seeing a bear in wild is an unforgettable experience! Photo: Matthieu Ever
Seeing a bear in wild is an unforgettable experience! Photo: Matthieu Ever

In Finland’s vast wilderness areas you can make surprising friends with bears and wolves or spot the elusive Saimaa ringed seal on a kayaking tour in Finland’s largest lake.

Bear and Wolf Safaris on the Eastern Border

Seeing a majestic bear in wild is an unforgettable experience. The organized bear safaris are not for the faint hearted: you’ll spend a night in a small wooden hide either by yourself or with a natural guide, and see the bears and often wolves too, when they come close by to feed on an animal carcass left for them.

There are several companies organizing bear safaris in Kuhmo, close to Finland’s eastern border. A good company is for instance Wildlife Safaris Finland. It also rents out professional Nikon camera equipment so the guests don’t need to have their own gigantic tele lenses to capture the perfect shots of the majestic beasts.

Saimaa – Kayak on the Lake of Seals

Saimaa, Finland’s largest lake, is the home of the country’s most unique animal, endangered Saimaa ringed seal.

Best way to see the elusive animal is to join a kayaking tour in Linnasaari National Park close to the charming city of Savonlinna known for its old castle and world famous music festival.

Birdwatching in Finland

Best way to enjoy birdwathing in Finland is to join Finnature’s birdwatching tours.

Finnature is a tour operator specialized in wildlife tours and especially wild bird photography.

The company’s owner Jari Peltomäki is awarded International Bird Photographer and Bird Photography Mentor.

Finnature’s birdwatching and photography tours offer clients opportunities to enjoy the wonders of nature under expert guidance.

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